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Project: Kitchen Layout

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This Spring Break we completed our first wall removal with funds from the 2016 Gala.  With this effort, our kitchen space opened up to give chef more elbow room…  but we’re not done!  As we continue our kitchen expansion, the next step will be to overhaul the entire space.  More walls will come down while others will go up.  Our commercial kitchen 3-part sink will be re-oriented and another will be added.  New flooring, ceilings, and venting will be installed as we ready the space for equipment.

As you can imagine, creating a commercial kitchen is a huge endeavor.  We have slowly been accumulating the necessary equipment to outfit this space.  A few of the great finds that we have been lucky enough to acquire thus far are industrial pots and pans, wire shelving, large utensils, aprons, serving platters, and prep tables.  Please keep our kitchen project in mind if you have a source or a beat on available resale or inexpensive industrial kitchen items.  We love a great bargain!