Kitchen Infrastructure

Completed Project

Completed Project: Kitchen Infrastructure

Donation Goal For This Project Was Met – 100%


Money earned from the 25th Annual Pines “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Gala was used for preparing the needed infrastructure to begin remodeling the kitchen.  In the coming months, a grease trap will be installed.  This is a necessary element for a commercial kitchen.  Our dream is to have the ability to not only prepare lunch for our students but to utilize this kitchen space as an extension of the classroom.

Kids in the Kitchen
Here at Pines, students work with Ms. Humaira in Earth Connections.  This program allows for the cultivation of the gardens and grounds around our campus.  Students enjoy seeding, planting, caring for, and sampling the many herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are grown right outside the classroom doors.  Ms. Humaira works to provide a healthy variety of items that can be harvested and delivered to Chef Liz in the kitchen.  Chef continues the educational opportunity as she works with the students to produce tasty treats for snack and lunch.  The gallery below shows photos of the students involved in this educational extension.