Kitchen Finishing Touches

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Project: Kitchen Finishing Touches

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This phase may be the final phase to finish the kitchen.  It will include items such as millwork for built-in storage, and restaurant quality appliances such as stove, sink, and refrigerator. We have been searching for products for bargain prices:, a vent hood, stove, sub zero refrigerator, 3 part sink and restaurant shelving and racks.  Please keep our kitchen project in mind if you have a source or a beat on available resale or inexpensive industrial kitchen items.  We love a great bargain!

What Will the Finished Kitchen Mean to Us?
We would love nothing more than to have our Chef be able to begin preparing lunch for our students in-house.  Students will be able to harvest the foods straight from the beds on campus during the Earth Connections classes and prepare them for the plate with Chef Liz. But even beyond that, we see this endeavor as an extension of work within the classrooms.  Cooking and food prep extends learning in all curriculums.  From using math when measuring, reading a recipe, and studying the science of baking, there are so many wonderful learning opportunities taking place in the kitchen. This combination of Earth Connections classes and having an opportunity to work with a professional chef will certainly give our students a sound basis of nourishment and nutrition.

Please enjoy the photos of the children performing some of their kitchen tasks and duties. We’re sure you will be amazed at how enjoyable the children find simple tasks such as cleaning a table and washing dishes.