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The Evergreen Fund

From Ms. Libby...

As we look ahead to next year, we have begun to dream of the possibilities that lay ahead for our Pines students.  We see a beautiful open space for our Middle School that is a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with the colors of imagination and creativity.  We can envision a Maker’s studio in this amazing building, with room for tools and technology, woodworking and wires and plenty of space to build.  We stand in the midst of the hustle and bustle of lunchtime for our Elementary students as they scrape, clean and wash their dishes after lunch.  We can see the vision of what is the future of our kitchen, with meals being prepared in a beautifully equipped space, with room for teaching students about meal preparation, cooking and even harvesting from our own gardens.  We see all of this ahead for our children and ask that you join us in realizing these dreams. 

Our Middle School will be unlike any other in our community.  A Montessori education is one of exploration, collaboration, and hands-on learning.  To accomplish an environment conducive for all that entails, it will require a good foundation.  And by ‘foundation’, that is what we truly mean!  Our new building will need to be built out to specifications that are unique to Pines and our students.  The classroom space, restrooms, and kitchenette will be the ground level for what is to come.  Once this ‘foundation’ is set, we will need fixtures, lighting, seating, and everything else that goes into an environment for students.   

~ FOUNDATION – It’s just the beginning.

What is it to have a kitchen on campus?  We have a trained chef on staff who is responsible for distributing delicious and inviting snacks to the entire school, from Infants to Middle School.  The children have the opportunity to try foods they may have never before seen.  Our chef delivers a catered lunch for students who choose to enroll in our lunch program.  Just imagine what it would be to have lunch actually prepared right here in our own kitchen.  Chef Liz is ready for the task!  But, there is work to be done.  Construction to open the kitchen space.  More ‘foundation’ work for things like a grease trap, appropriate lighting, comfortable flooring.  We will need an oven to bake in, a refrigerator to keep things cool and many other fixtures that will make this space worthy of meals for our students. 

So…..are you ready?  Who will step into the ring?  The Pines staff is asking you to join us in our quest to expand our learning environment as we offer a unique education for all of our students.  This task is one that will require the financial support that will allow us to build these spaces and reach our dreams.  We ask that you consider what these great pieces of work involve.  We ask that you help in realizing these dreams for our students, your children.  We ask that you play a part in seeding this Garden of Dreams and help to make our amazing school become all that it was meant to be.