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Celebrating 40 Years!

Pines Montessori School, since 1977.

Celebrating 40 Years

Pines celebrates 40 years of excellent educational service.

Some big changes over the many years have taken place for our little school in Kingwood.  Many students have crossed our doorsteps and many friends have been made.  We hear wonderful stories about how Pines Montessori School has touched lives.  In our attendance now we have both children and grandchildren of former Pines students.  We have a teacher on staff that was in the toddler room as a child of another teacher on staff.  We have people that call from out of state to see if we can help them relive their fond Montessori day memories for their own children by helping them to find a school in their new location similar to Pines.  There are so many more!  We love hearing these stories and want to create a collection of them.  Whether you wish to share an alumni story, a story about how Pines impacted your family (or does now), a kind word about our school, staff, playground, etc., or any other shareable note, we hope you will consider sharing it with us.