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Pines Montessori School Evergreen Fund

We love our campus but it's time for some changes!

The Evergreen Fund

Your support to the Pines Montessori School Evergreen Fund is an investment in our students and our school!  The fund is an ongoing giving tool that will continually invest into the projects occurring to make Pines the best that it can be.  Each gift matters and helps us to fulfill our mission to provide an authentic Montessori education for our students.  

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Plans & Permitting for the Building Next Door

Seed Starter

With the help of contributions from our 2017 “Garden of Dreams” Gala and thanks to the generous donations to the seed starter fund, we have met our goal!  Plans & permitting have now been funded for the construction of our new classroom for Middle School.  The initial demo has been completed and we will now be heading into the actual construction of the space.  The building next door was purchased in September 2016 and it expands our campus from four acres to nearly five.  The front half of the building...
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Pennies For Pines

Pines students are participating in growing the Seed Starter Campaign! Students are bringing in pennies collected, or earned, from home to classroom containers.  The coins will then be brought up to the office and combined to be totaled.  Gifts received will be reflected here.  Next total date: Aug '17
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“Montessori is an education of independence, preparing not just for school, but for life.”

Dr. Maria Montessori